What Does A Commercial Site Demolition Project Involve?

Commercial site demolition is the complete or part removal process of unwanted structures such as hotels, shopping centres, office buildings and other commercial properties. While demolition might sound as easy as just knocking buildings down, it does involve a lot of consideration and detail. Safety is paramount to the execution of a site demolition; especially as asbestos removal may be involved.

Commercial site demolition differs from residential demolition due to the fact that it’s on a larger scale, require bigger machinery and potentially even explosives.


Before you start a commercial site demolition

The commercial structure that will be demolished should be maintained in a safe and stable condition to prevent the unexpected collapse of part or all of the structure.

Consideration should be made as to:

  • The stability of the structure
  • The position, depth and type of basements, wells and underground storage that may be involved
  • Public access
  • Boundary walls
  • Adjoining properties and structures

Many local government authorities require a permit before you decide to demolish your commercial site, including the approval from an asbestos removal specialist. These permits can be processed within 2 weeks, however, this does vary according to your local council so you will need to contact them to find out details.

You will also need to complete a risk assessment, which analyses the demolition process. Along with assessing risks, a professional demolitions team will check for hazardous materials, asbestos and more.

Preparing a demolition plan which includes the method and any environmental damage and any hazards that may arise throughout the demolition process will help you in your commercial site demolition schedule.

Anyone affected by your site demolition (such as neighbours, employees and the general public) should also be notified of the plans and timeframe.

In site demolitions you will find that you will need the required licenses to undertake work. Using a professional demolition company will ensure that you are covered by the relevant licences, including demolition work, asbestos removal, high risk work or use of explosives.

Commercial site demolition machinery


Why is safe asbestos removal important?

Asbestos fibres are extremely dangerous when they have been disturbed (such as during a renovation or demolition) and breathing in these fibres can have significant and deadly health consequences. Safe Work Australia have regulations in place in their Demolition Work Code of Practice that require the person conducting demolition work to ensure that there is an asbestos register for the structure, and if not, to ensure that a full asbestos inspection is carried out before any work is started.

Asbestos should only be removed with proper equipment by professionals and the safe removal of asbestos is a large part of the preparation of commercial site demolition.

Also keep in mind that removing asbestos does take time and the process can take a week or more depending on the size and complexity of the commercial demolition.


Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)

It is an Australian legislative requirement that any high-risk construction work (such as commercial site demolition) is accompanied by a Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS).

The SWMS documents the demolition activities that are going to be carried out and states what measures are in place to control any risks. The SWMS is especially important if the site demolition includes explosives.


Commercial site demolition checklist

Before completing a commercial site demolition, a professional demolition company will ensure that the following is completed before any work starts:

  • Secure the work area and consider an exclusion zone.
  • Ensure there is adequate public safety and access to any roads and walkways. If work is in a public place then safety meaures will be implemented.
  • Fire risks are observed and preventative plans are in place.
  • Completely remove all utility services from the property including power, water and gas, and ensure all lines are completely removed from the property.
  • Set up debris systems to ensure any debris is removed to prevent any build up.
  • Ensure operators demolish storey by storey.
  • Brace walls & floors.
  • Remove any ornamental stonework.
  • Thorough inspection of safety gear, machinery and equipment.
  • Ensure operators are fully informed, trained, knowledgeable and supervised.
  • Disseminate demolition plans to all personnel.

How long will it take to complete a commercial demolition?

Once you have the essential demolition permissions and have prepared the site, it should approximately take 3-7 days to complete your site demolition, however this does depend on the site and structure size – it can take weeks for larger buildings in the heart of the city for example.


Site demolition professionals in Perth

As established WA demolition professionals, Focus Demolition & Asbestos Removal specialise in the thorough assessment, preparation, planning and execution of commercial demolitions for sites of all scales across Perth.

For a smooth and safe demolition, chat with the commercial demolition experts at Focus Demolition & Asbestos Removal.


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