Focus Demolition & Asbestos Removal is a leading commercial and industrial demolition company based in Perth, Western Australia.

Welcome to Focus Demolition

Focus Demolition & Asbestos Removal offers complete demolition, asbestos removal, salvage, and recycling services from start to finish across a range of commercial, industrial, and infrastructure projects. Our key services include:

Demolition & Asbestos Removal

Our team of skilled operatives fully equipped with specialized plant and equipment carry out a wide range of demolition, asbestos removal and internal strip out projects.

We pride ourselves on timely, safe, and efficient delivery of specialist services with a proven track record on large, technically challenging jobs.

In addition, we have a depth of experience in running our own demolition yard in Perth and the recycling of building materials from civil construction and demolition services.

Salvage Yard Perth

As commercial demolition experts, we have extensive experience in reclaiming salvage value – everything from doors and windows to woodwork, fixtures, and architectural accents as well as to recycle demolition waste.

You can now purchase quality recycled building materials from our salvage yard in Perth.

Call our salvage yard now on 0431 527 034 for more information.

Swan Recycling

As one of Perth’s key building material recycling companies, we aim to reduce our environmental footprint.

We pride ourselves in making a conscious effort to reduce the waste sent to landfill by reusing valuable construction materials such as concrete, brick, timber, and other outdoor and indoor building materials.

Every ton of material that can be reused means one less ton thrown into landfills. Contact the Swan Recycling demolition waste tipping facility for more information.


Demolition Perth

Demolition Perth & WA

Focus Demolition & Asbestos Removal holds a Class 1 ‘Unrestricted’ Demolition License (WAD 223) and an Unrestricted Asbestos Removal License (WA 165) and is fully insured.

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Asbestos Reroofs Perth

Asbestos Re-Roofs

Utilising specialised techniques and equipment, our highly trained operators can speedily and efficiently remove the existing roof and replace it with colorbond or zincalume products.

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Repurpose Salvaged Material Perth


With the large number of projects continually being undertaken by Focus Demolition & Asbestos Removal, we maintain a yard filled with quality recycled building material in good condition.

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Kwinana Tanks

Demolition of the steel strategic oil tanks (3 of) on the live Kwinana Synergy site for Puma Energy.

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Carousel Shopping Centre

Full demolition, partial demolition and strip out works.

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Fremantle High Rise Demolition

Full demolition of a high rise building in a live shopping area.

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The Benefits of Salvaging Historic Building Materials

There are times when maintaining a building of historical significance is no longer worth the effort. Whilst some heritage buildings should be protected and cherished, other buildings are structurally unsound and need to be demolished.
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Removing The Mistake That Was Asbestos

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The Process of Decommissioning a Mine Site

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Preserving History Through Salvage

How Focus Demolition preserve history through their salvage yard Often, Focus is contacted to work on projects at heritage-listed sites...
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Making the Old New Again

The Process of Turning Scrap Wood into a Stunning Piece of Furniture At Focus Demolition, we maintain a yard filled...
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Making the Old New Again: Part 1

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Warning Signs of Asbestos

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