With safety being paramount in any demolition project we undertake, we are committed to achieving complete customer satisfaction with all our clients.

Commercial Demolition

The reputation that we have earned at Focus Demolition is that we deliver safe results on time and on budget- we are experts in the commercial demolition field.

Focus Demolition focus on commercial and industrial contracts and have a proven track record on large, technically challenging projects across Perth and Western Australia. We specialise to working in highly sensitive environments such as prisons, airports, hospitals, schools, shopping centres and more. If it’s a leading commercial demolition company that you’re after, Focus is the #1 choice for you.

 Commercial Demolition of Carousel, WA

Commercial Demolition Perth & WA

Commercial demolition projects are especially challenging as these properties are robust and built to last, and usually are constructed in tight spaces. From demolishing an office building in the middle of the central business district (CBD) to the demolition of buildings within a shopping centre precinct in operation, our expert team and high quality precision tools remove buildings with minimal impact to the surrounding area.


Past Commercial Projects

We have a proven track record of completing large projects, such as at the Carousel Shopping Centre in Cannington. With several elements of works needing to be completed in a short time frame, including post tensioned suspended slab buildings to traffic bridges and decontamination and demolition of original truss buildings, we completed this successfully, on-time and on budget amongst a live shopping centre and construction site with no injuries or incidents. View more commercial project successes on our Projects Page.


Heritage Listed Commercial Demolition

We understand the importance of heritage buildings, and a specialised plan specific to your site will ensure a safe project outcome.

A particularly challenging project that we completed was the Perth Treasury Building. The building and its surrounding structures are heritage listed and therefore any even minimal damage to the adjacent structure and to the remaining parts of the building had to be avoided at all cost.

Being in the heart of the Perth CBD, work was done strategically to minimise dust and disruptions to nearby pedestrians and buildings.

This demolition was carried out smoothly and effective with no accidents or incidents, and the end result was a pristine site ready for construction.


Commercial Demolition Equipment

Our heavy duty and high quality equipment is specialised to ensure an effective commercial demolition result for hard access projects. This equipment ensures our process is efficient and cost-effective.


Asbestos Removal & Demolition Safety

Focus Demolition & Asbestos Removal are also the asbestos removal specialists in Perth, and will ensure that a full inspection is completed before any work commences. The safe removal of any asbestos found on site is a main priority in a commercial demolition project. We will also completely manage the cleanup after your demolition and ensure that all hazardous material removal, demolition and earthworks are carried out to minimise the impact on the environment.

We recognise that large commercial demolition projects can be extremely dangerous and we ensure the safety of all people involved.

Focus Demolition are fully insured and we hold:

  • Class 1 ‘Unrestricted’ Demolition licence (WAD 223)
  • ‘Unrestricted’ Asbestos Removal licence (WA 165)


We offer many demolition services to cater for a wide range of needs


Our confident and experienced team of commercial demolition contractors and supervisors will work directly with you and any on-site managers and engineers to get your project completed regardless of size, budget, location or complexity. If you have a commercial demolition project coming up, contact the team at Focus Demolition today.