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Asbestos Demolition

A Leader in Asbestos Demolition – Perth & Western Australia

Focus Demolition and Asbestos Removal are Perth’s asbestos demolition experts, with a focus on delivering the highest level of safety and quality across all commercial and industrial projects in Perth and WA.

As a trusted name in asbestos demolition, you can be assured that your project will be completed on time and within budget by our high-trained and licensed team. Our team have years of experience and have a proven record of completing commercial asbestos removal and building demolition to the highest standard while ensuring a safe environment with minimal risk and inconvenience. Ranked as one of the WA’s best asbestos demolition companies, we have safely and efficiently completed projects at hundreds of buildings in Perth and Western Australia.

Remove Asbestos Before Demolition

Asbestos Demolition

If you’re planning to demolish a property in Western Australia, chances are you already know the importance of checking for asbestos prior to commencing an asbestos demolition project.

If you aren’t sure if asbestos is present in the structure you are planning to demolish, you should always assume that it is, until you get it thoroughly inspected by the licensed professionals at Focus Demolition. The risk is not worth the serious dangers to your health and to the health of those around you, as well as the significant penalties for unsafe handling of asbestos.

An asbestos removal control plan must be prepared by a licensed asbestos professional before the demolition.

Australian standards require all asbestos to be removed before any demolition work commences and it is a requirement that there is a minimisation of airborne asbestos fibres and dust.

To complete an asbestos demolition project, it is also a requirement that you have an asbestos removal license and demolition license, which you can rest assured that Focus Demolition hold a Class 1 ‘Unrestricted’ Demolition licence (WAD 223). We also hold an ‘Unrestricted’ Asbestos Removal licence (WA 165) and are fully insured.

Safe Asbestos Demolition

Focus Demolition is dedicated to carrying out safe operations for your asbestos demolition project, according to all Australian and International Safety Standards. We ensure the safety of workers as well as anyone that will be near the area. We also provide environmentally safe disposal of all hazardous material. We also ensure that all required entities are alerted to any demolition work you carry out, and for peace of mind and to save you time, we will complete all the necessary paperwork for you.

Contact the Asbestos Demolition Professionals

We are proud of our reputation for providing quality work, and the high levels we take to ensure the care of the surrounding public and the environment. We understand that a demolition is complex and overwhelming and we will ensure that any disruption to your home, family and surroundings are minimal.

Your safety is what matters to us, and we provide expert and reliable asbestos demolition services to ensure you are completely satisfied with our quality work.

Contact our friendly and professional team today to organise an inspection and quote, or if you need any advice on your upcoming asbestos demolition project.