The Process of Decommissioning a Mine Site

Although the process of decommissioning a mine site can be complex and exacting, we believe it is just another essential phase in the life of a project. Focus Demolition’s trained supervisors and team are experts in mine site decommissioning in Western Australia, and work closely with clients to ensure the optimum outcome. By using Department of Environmental Regulations approved solutions, we remediate sites to a standard where they can be utilised for new Greenfield projects.

What is the step-by-step process involved in decommissioning a mine site?

In decommissioning a mine site safely and efficiently, Focus Demolition and Asbestos Removal follow a step-by-step process.

Firstly, the site’s infrastructure and plant are safely demolished. Our team will take apart mining processing facilities and equipment, drain pipelines, clean the area and dispose of any waste.

Next, Focus Demolition will ensure that the mine site is at an acceptable standard of productive use. To do this, we confirm that landforms and structures are stable, and use construction methods on these structures if necessary. On top of this, we check watercourses and drainage structures are at an acceptable standard.

After rehabilitation, we make sure that the site complies with the requirements of the ‘Contaminated Sites Act of 2003’, which involves remediating any areas believed to be contaminated.

Next is the monitoring phase, during which we assess the effectiveness of the decommissioning process and identify any corrective actions that may be needed as a result. Monitoring is essential in ensuring that mine decommissioning is as effective, efficient, and safe as it possibly can be.

In some circumstances, long-term maintenance may be necessary for making sure the site is decommissioned to the appropriate standard.

Focus Demolition will then hand over any infrastructure that has been requested by external parties and finalise the post-closure monitoring and maintenance programs.

What standards need to be met to mean that the site can now be used for a Greenfield project?

The object of decommissioning a mine site is to create a structurally stable landform capable of future productive use, referred to as Greenfields. Greenfield projects allow maximum design flexibility and reduce the required maintenance within the new project. To guarantee future productive use of the site, a number of standards must be met.

Focus Demolition follows the Code of Practice outlined in section 274 of the ‘Work Health and Safety Act of 2011’. The guide helps us to achieve health and safety regulations in regards to decommissioning mine sites. In addition to this, we focus on the Department of Environmental Regulations standards and use this as a guide for preparing the site for Greenfield projects.

Mining sites often have a flammable or contaminated atmosphere and by decommissioning the site, it can eradicate this risk allowing the landform to be used for future projects. In order to prevent this contamination and flammability, pipelines must be drained, equipment and parts need to be cleaned, buildings are demolished and waste effectively disposed of.

As the experts in mine site demolition in WA, Focus Demolition can be trusted to decommission mine sites safely and in the most effective way possible.


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