Making the Old New Again

The Process of Turning Scrap Wood into a Stunning Piece of Furniture

At Focus Demolition, we maintain a yard filled with a quality recycled building material that is still in great condition. This scrap wood has the potential to become a stunning, one-off piece of furniture with a few simple steps.

Following along from last month’s blog we continue to look at this process of turning trash into treasure, using the greatest range of salvage in Perth!


How is it decided what the salvaged wood will be made into?

The type of wood available is the main factor in determining what furniture can be made. When turning wood into furniture, it is important to consider what the best practical use for that wood is.

For example, the best use for Oak is flooring and cabinets; whereas Mahogany, Walnut, Cherry and Teak are strong and durable, meaning they have the potential to be salvaged and used to create a range of stunning furniture.

What is the design process?

The design process typically involves the following steps:

Step One: Planning of Design.

During the planning phase of the design process, customer needs and product requirements are considered and incorporated into a basic plan.

Step Two: Product Specification

The type of wood that is necessary for the project is decided upon and prepared, as well as any other additional products needed for construction.

Step Three: Product Architecture

The main elements of the product architecture phase are: design development, costing and any necessary prototyping.

Step Four: Production

In this final step, the designers will coordinate with manufacturers and design engineers to examine all aspects of the proposed design. Once completed, the building process can begin.


What is involved in turning the salvaged wood into a table or any other type of furniture?

When the wood has been selected, it must be treated before use to protect it from moisture and decay. This includes removing nails or any other unnecessary materials.

It is then sanded down to remove the top layer, which is often superficially damaged due to wear and causes splinters.

Following this it will be cut into the necessary pieces depending on their intended use and assembled into the desired furniture.

Finally, the wood is treated again to preserve and protect, and give it that stunning, finished look.


Can customers come to the salvage yard and make product requests from Focus?

 Absolutely! In fact, we encourage members of the community to come to the salvage yard and request items or materials to be custom-made into the piece they desire.

At Focus Demolition, we believe in being environmentally friendly by salvaging materials and not contributing unnecessarily to land fill. By having customers come down to the salvage yard and using salvaged wood, we are getting the community involved and on board with this environmentally friendly outlook. For this reason, we strongly encourage you come to one of the finest salvage yards in Perth and create your own striking and unique creation.


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