10 Reasons Why You Would Use Demolition Services For Your Commercial Property

Owning a commercial property in Perth can be challenging as you need to ensure the building is constantly maintained, keeping it functional to keep your tenants long term, and make it look as attractive as possible for future tenants, especially in the competitive leasing market in WA.

Commercial Demolition

Demolition may not be a solution you instantly think of when you are a property owner, so why would you choose demolition services? We answer this below, running through the top 10 reasons why you might choose to use demolition services in Perth and Western Australia.

  1. If you are having a hard time attracting tenants for your commercial building. If your building is not attracting tenants due to its size or condition, you may consider demolishing and rebuilding. This may be costly however it has long-term benefits for your investment and ensures the space is functional for future tenants.
  2. Renovation or remodelling repair costs have skyrocketed. If you bought a “fixer-upper” but the repairs have ended up being too expensive and you don’t believe the building is worth salvaging, demolition services may be less expensive than what it would take to repair.
  3. Purchasing a commercial property. If you want your building to be in a specific suburb or be a certain land size but you don’t see anything that is suitable, you may want to purchase a property for the land, knock down the structure and build exactly what you want!
  4. The cost of repairs exceeds the value of your investment. You may consider trying to recoup your losses, and sell the land after demolition and without rebuilding to attract buyers interested in building on the land.
  5. If the building is declared unsafe. Demolition services may be required by law. However if you are in the market to purchase a commercial building you may be able to get a property discounted which would be lucrative for you to demolish and then rebuild.
  6. If you’ve bought a neglected building on the ‘cheap’. If the building is heavily infested with termites or animals, you may need demolition services if the problem is severe enough.
  7. If your building is in need of endless repairs that keep adding up. Repairs, especially with the foundation, are costly and you may consider demolishing rather than constantly spending money on repairs.
  8. Asbestos removal makes renovation difficult and dangerous, as you need a licensed contractor to complete any removal. If there is a high amount in your building, the cheaper and easier option may be to use demolition services instead.
  9. You want to make changes to your floor plan. Demolition services doesn’t necessarily mean tearing down the entire building. Partial demolitions and internal strip outs are a great way to tear down certain areas of the building, or to create more space within while keeping the existing structure.
  10. For the commercial growth of Perth and Western Australia. Commercial demolition might simply be necessary to make room for new buildings! As our city and state evolves, new developments are needed to suit the current landscape.

Demolition services for an old commercial building

Demolition Services Perth & Western Australia

Demolition is not as simple as taking a hammer to the walls and roof, and accidents and mistakes can happen when procedures aren’t followed correctly. If you’re in need of demolition services, enlist the help of the demolition experts at Focus Demolition & Asbestos Removal.

We specialise in organising and executing demolitions of all sizes and in all locations, saving you time, stress and money. We take care of any permits required, asbestos removal, plans and processes for smooth and hassle free demolition services in Perth and Western Australia.

If you are interested in finding out more about our commercial demolition services, contact us today.


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10 Reasons Why You Would Use Demolition Services For Your Commercial Property

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