Raine Square Perth CBD

Full Demolition, Partial Demolition and Strip-Out Works

Focus Demolition was recruited to assist with the Rain Square development in the Perth CBD.

The job was scoped in 3 main parts, each of which with its own unique set of requirements:
  1. Demolish the front section of the Podium high rise building (25 meters high). This building
    had to be separated from another high rise (fully separated) and demolished to ground level.
  2. Demolish the buildings on the corner of Wellington, William, and Murray Streets. Meanwhile retaining the heritage facade Royal Hotel and Wentworth Hotel.
  3. Strip out of existing tenancies in the first 3 levels of Rain Square Tower. This included cutting penetrations into panel walls and large escalator removals. The lower and ground levels remained open during the entirety of this project.
Similarly to most demolition jobs, the Rain Square development was not without its complications but in true Focus Demolition fashion the whole project was completed successfully, on-time and on budget; in the middle of a bustling central business district with no injuries or accidents.