Bridge Demolition

Focus Demolition are the pedestrian and road bridge demolition experts in Perth. Some of our projects include:

On Site with Focus

Carousel Shopping Centre Project

Full Structural Demolition, Partial Demolition and Strip Out Works Focus Demolition were recruited to demolish the traffic bridge at the Carousel Shopping Centre as part of the wider shopping centre redevelopment project. The complex now houses 60 new retailers, 20 new eateries and a new multi-deck car park.

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East Perth Train Station Footbridge Demolition

Demolition of Footbridge Over Rail Focus Demolition was tasked with removal of the footbridge and platform at the East Perth Train Station as part of the wider Optus Stadium project and East Perth train station upgrades.

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Mitchell Fwy Extension, Hester Avenue Bridge Demolition

  Demolition of Traffic Bridge over Railway on the Joondalup Line Focus Demolition were tasked with the demolition of the Hester Avenue Bridge as part of the wider Mitchell Freeway extension project.

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Seventh Avenue Bridge Demolition

  Demolition of traffic bridge over road and rail. Focus completed the Maylands Seventh Avenue Bridge demolition project to make way for a new suspended concrete bridge. The 120 meter long mix of structurally unsound 100 year old timber and concrete bridge spanned across two main roads, two rail tracks with only 0.5 meter clearance for electric […]

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