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Preserving History Through Salvage

How Focus Demolition preserve history through their salvage yard

Often, Focus is contacted to work on projects at heritage-listed sites as we perform timely, safe, and efficient strip outs, asbestos removal, and demolition in Western Australia.

Focus Demolition cares about preserving the unique history of Western Australia. For this reason, when completing demolition services on – or around – a heritage-listed building, there are many precautions that we take.

The importance of preservation

Heritage-listed buildings are important to the history and culture of Western Australia, as they create an identity for the state and nation for people to identify with. These historic buildings must be treated with high levels of precaution to protect and maintain their historic value and integrity. Focus has strong experience in this area, and understands the value these buildings provide to the history and culture of our state.

Heritage sites attract tourism and play a key role in the economy of our state. On top of this, they are also tools for education, whether it is to educate younger Western Australians or visitors who are interested in our state’s unique identity.

Focus pays respect to the buildings themselves, as well as the traditional landowners and their cultures and beliefs. We take into consideration their wishes and believe in preserving these cultures and embracing them in the identity of our community and state.

What are the considerations undertaken by Focus Demolition & Asbestos Removal when completing a project on a heritage-listed building?

When working on a heritage-listed site, the structure of the building is crucial, however it is not the only thing that we need to consider.

Other elements of the site that Focus considers are the landscaping, fencing, and gates, lamp standards, paving, and outbuildings. Each of these elements contributes to the value of the site.

The building itself and all other elements are treated with the utmost care and respect when Focus undergoes a project on a heritage-listed site. We are mindful and careful with our machinery and tools to ensure we perform the requested job as effectively as we can, whilst minimizing any potential damage.

We also consider the possible archaeological relic that may be within the foundations of the building. It is imperative this is considered when using heavy or earth-working machinery.

At Focus Demolition, our team is educated and aware of the significance of heritage sites, and the recognition of these heritage sites is embedded into our culture to develop our team’s understanding and respect for such sites.

This careful and considerate approach is not just reflected in our work with heritage-listed sites but in all projects that we undertake. We are known for our efficient demolition in Perth, as well as our strip outs and asbestos removal, but on top of this, we pride ourselves on the fact that we are known for the care and consideration we have when undertaking any type of project.


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