The asbestos product is extremely brittle and carcinogenic to handle and should only be removed by professionals. The well trained team at Focus can help you assess hazardous materials and suggest the best way to approach their removal.

Friable Asbestos Removal

What is Friable Asbestos?

Asbestos products are classified as either Non-friable or Friable, but what is the difference and why is Friable asbestos more dangerous to handle?

Friable asbestos is identified by its loose structure that can fall apart with light pressure from your hands. It’s a highly dangerous product as it breaks into a fine dust that is easily released into the air. Any friable asbestos fibres that get into the air  have the potential to be inhaled and cause harm.

The dangers of working with, or in buildings composed of asbestos are now widely known.  Unfortunately it was not always so!

If you encounter asbestos on any of your sites or facilities, or if you suspect that your building may contain asbestos materials, contact the professionals at Focus Demolition and Asbestos Removal.  We will assess the hazard, advise on how best to deal with the problem and work with you to strip the hazardous material safely and efficiently, then restore it to a safe working environment.

Asbestos removal services include:

  • “Limpet” fireproofing
  • Pipe “lagging”
  • Gaskets
  • Fire retardant materials
  • Sprayed-on insulation
  • Acoustic walls and ceilings

For our asbestos removal works we have an extensive range of equipment for working in enclosures with all our negative air units, decontamination units and air supply equipment, regularly serviced and maintained.
Our industry-leading technique for removing friable asbestos safely and efficiently ensures that no asbestos fibres are released into the atmosphere during and after the operation. Although each site may be different, this would normally entail:

  • Erecting an enclosure to seal off the hazardous material
  • Installing negative air pressure exhaust units
  • Installing a multi-stage decontamination unit
  • Smoke-testing the enclosure
  • Removing the hazardous material / ensuring that all workers wear full protective equipment
  • Continuous air monitoring
  • Safe disposal of the hazardous material
  • Certification of Building Re-Occupation and inspection by independent environmental contractors.

With our expertise, you can be assured of getting back to full working capacity quickly, efficiently and safely. Our experience and expertise in stripping and removing the hazardous materials ensures a speedy resolution to any industrial problem and rapid restoration of your working environment. Contact us for friable asbestos removal.