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Demolition Perth - Focus Demolition


Focus holds a Class 1 ‘Unrestricted’ Demolition licence (WAD 223) and an ‘Unrestricted’ Asbestos Removal Licence (WA 165) and is fully insured which allows us to provide the following services.

Our Demolition Services Include:

Structural Demolition

  • High Rise Buildings
  • Pinning and propping.
  • Tilt panels.
  • Fire damaged structures.
  • Façade retention.
  • Mine site decommissioning

Interal Strip-out Demolition (Occupied and operating premises)

  • Shopping centers, schools, hospitals.
  • High rise and industrial strip-outs.
  • Dismantling of warehouses and cool room panelling.
  • Lift car, shaft and machine room removal.