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Safety Is Number One for Demolition WA

When tearing down walls and structures, it should come as no surprise that demolitions are dangerous work. If you’re planning to knock down part or all of your building in Perth, be sure to enlist the help of Focus Demolition. While there are many important practices to keep in mind, prevention is always the most […]

Be Aware! Things You Should Know About Asbestos Removal Perth

Known as the silent killer, asbestos was one of the most common building materials used across Australia primarily in the mid 20th century. Used for the construction of homes and businesses, asbestos has been proven to present serious risks to your health – even causing death. Many structures built before the 21st century pose the […]

What to Consider Before a Demolition

Are you planning a commercial or industrial Perth demolition? Before you begin, several precautions must be taken to ensure a safe process for all involved. At Focus Demolition, we’ve successfully completed countless demolitions and know the process inside out. Here are our top 10 tips to keep in mind before demolition work begins. Ten Tips […]

Make a Salvage Yard Your New Hang Out

In today’s busy world, it’s easy to get caught up in your work and all the other important things that are happening in your life. However, it’s equally important to find a way to unwind and enjoy yourself, and the best way to do this is with a hobby. Hobbies take the edge off your […]

Removing The Mistake That Was Asbestos

  Asbestos is a bad product, however 50 years ago, Asbestos was regarded as one of the most useful minerals due to its versatility, strength, flexibility and affordability. For this reason, a plethora of companies applied it to their industries worldwide and it was extremely popular within Australia. Due to the catastrophic health risks associated […]

The Power of Demolition in WA

Demolition is an important process that involves the safe and thorough removal of unwanted structures and materials. Whether it be construction, mining or any project in WA, demolition is a vital step in the process, yet it is commonly underestimated. In order for your project to go ahead safely and efficiently, it is absolutely crucial […]

The Process of Decommissioning a Mine Site

Although the process of decommissioning a mine site can be complex and exacting, we believe it is just another essential phase in the life of a project. Focus Demolition’s trained supervisors and team are experts in mine site decommissioning in Western Australia, and work closely with clients to ensure the optimum outcome. By using Department […]

Preserving History Through Salvage

How Focus Demolition preserve history through their salvage yard Often, Focus is contacted to work on projects at heritage-listed sites as we perform timely, safe and efficient strip outs, asbestos removal and demolition in Western Australia. Focus Demolition cares about preserving the unique history of Western Australia. For this reason, when completing demolition services on […]

Making the Old New Again

The Process of Turning Scrap Wood into a Stunning Piece of Furniture At Focus Demolition, we maintain a yard filled with quality recycled building material that is still in great condition. This scrap wood has the potential to become a stunning, one-off piece of furniture with a few simple steps. Following along from last month’s […]

Making the Old New Again: Part 1

Focus Demolition talks salvage and how they make the most unique furniture pieces out of scrap wood! What is the process to turn scrap wood into stunning furniture? The right pieces of salvaged wood can create stunning one-off furniture pieces with a bit of knowledge and some thorough preparation. The old saying “one man’s trash […]